The Seventeen

Sustainability Pioneers: Dr Alan James and Sri Hollema

Episode Summary

How green tech innovation can revolutionise transport, the home and disaster relief

Episode Notes

In this 'Pioneers' episode, two experts at the cutting edge of green tech innovation share their insights and expertise.

Dr Alan James has a vision for sustainable national transport systems for the UK and beyond that are powered by renewable energy. As well as updated grid systems capable of storing captured energy from renewables, he introduces us to exciting concepts such as hyperloops which could cut down inter-city travel times to mere minutes.

Also, Dr James - through his personal example at his own house - demonstrates how it is possible to save thousands of pounds of money and achieve hugely significant reductions in CO2 emissions... by installing the latest green tech in the home.

Sri Hollema is a young inventor and green tech entrepreneur whose innovative product - Mat Zero - creates a warm and comfortable sleeping surface for refugees using renewable energy. Sri shares her advice for innovators and makes a case for why business should - and can - be done in a sustainable way.